What You Will Find In The New Diamond Gallery

גלריית היהלומים

11 Brands in one Place

Instead of going between stores and locations, we have gathered a rich abundance for you in one place

דיל מתחלף אקסקלוסיבי

Exclusive Deal

Every day we will have a new special deal to be given to gallery visitors only

חוויה אינטראקטיבית

An Interactive Experience

The diamond gallery offers an innovative experience

And a Stroke

You can repair jewelry of any kind in the gallery

Free Parking To Customers

Entry is free of charge and without prior approval and parking is free for gallery customers

We invite you to come to us

The gallery is located in the Israeli Diamond Exchange complex at 3 Zisman Shalom Street, Ramat Gan.
Maccabi Building, the Israeli Diamond Exchange.

Arrival by Train

The diamond gallery is located near the Tel Aviv Savidor Center train station,
When you get off the train, choose the exit that goes towards Ramat Gan.

Arrival by Car

Waze to the gallery

You can park in the covered parking lot in the D-MALL building

Waze to parking

Arrival by Bus

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The Jewelry Gallery complex is a new prestigious project of the Diamond Institute, which allows Israeli diamond companies to sell jewelry directly to the customer.
The complex, located at 3 Zisman Shalom Street in Ramat Gan, includes sales positions, complementary services, a VIP room and a spectacular digital museum, and offers a unique and prestigious shopping experience for jewelry lovers and the general public.
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New Deal

Exclusive benefits are exchanged for customers who come to the gallery

The Diamonds Place


Open Ring

A classic tennis bracelet, extremely popular, studded with natural white diamonds, with a high level of cleanliness.
Inlaid with 2.00 carats of natural diamonds, in 14k gold, about 10 grams.

Diamond Color: F
Diamond Clarity: Vs2

Gold Type:14K
Gold Colors: White/Yellow /Red Gold


₪ 5,900    ₪ 11,990


The Brands You Will Find In The Gallery

בלנקיטני תכשיטים BE

Find us


Zisman Shalom 3, Ramat Gan
Maccabi Building, the Israeli Diamond Exchange
Phone number 03-7754601

Opening Hours

Sunday to Thursday
Between 11:00 and 17:00
Fridays and holiday eves
10:00 – 13:00

Parking areas

Covered parking lot -
In the D-MALL building